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We offer revolutionary programs, available nowhere else, to ease & improve your life, relationships & success. Regular weekly classes at the Optimize Center in Escondido, CA, or regular classes available from wherever you are through Skype video

You can also ease your work life and workplace relationships through the many Optimize Institute programs offered at The Optimize Center.  You can also have these seminars presented at your workplace.

Parenting Skills Classes

Learn the skills you need to offer your children consistent, predictable, reliable parenting. To parent in the most aware and effective ways possible requires reflection, insights, skills, strategies and practice.... More -->

Save Your Sanity: The Passive-Aggressive Immunity Clinic

SAVE YOUR SANITY! The Passive-Aggressive Immunity Clinic helps you to say “NO!” to passive-aggressive behaviors coming your way, at home and at work. Invaluable, practical 4 week coaching program will... More -->

Relationship Webinar: Loving, Living With, Or Leaving Emotional Vampires

If you are in a relationship with a person who exhausts you emotionally, you may be living with an  “emotional vampire.” S/he drew you in, and now continuously drains you. These folks... More -->

Co-Parenting Skills for Divorced Parents

Learn the skills you need to keep your kids together when you and your partner choose to live apart …and particularly if you don’t talk well together!  And, especially if... More -->

Anger Management

Anger Management Classes in Escondido Learn how you can best manage anger for yourself, your relationships and your work. Anger management classes help you to: understand how and why your... More -->

Relationship Help Q&A

Weekly Free Webinar - join in and get your relationship questions answered! Continue Reading →

PLEASE NOTE that all classes, counselling & mediation bookings online MUST BE MADE at least 18 HOURS in advance.

The software will not accept bookings within 18 hours of a selected date, so, if you are having trouble booking or paying, that will be the most likely reason. If you are in crisis, and need to speak to Dr. Shaler quickly, call 760.747.8686

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All the programs of the Optimize Institute are available for you, your group or your staff. Get the insights, skills and solutions that will help you optimize relationships and results.

Book a private teleseminar, seminar or webinar for your group on any aspect of:

> CommunicationCommunication, Conflict Management, Teambuilding seminars to help your folks play nicely together.
> Conflict management
> Anger management
> Negotiation
> Managing difficult people & situations
> Teambuilding strategies

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